How to predict the next safe zone in PUBG Mobile

  • Knowing how to predict the next safe zone can be very useful in PUBG Mobile.
  • There are various things that you need to keep in mind when predicting the next safe zone.

Knowing how to predict the extent of the next safe zone can be very useful in PUBG Mobile Battle Royale matches. In the last few rounds especially, when players have to relocate quickly and carefully, knowing the direction towards the next safe zone can be a huge advantage.

Although the first couple of zones are generally random, as the game progresses, they become easier to predict. In this article, we shall go over some tips and tricks that can help you predict the next safe zone, beyond reasonable doubt, in PUBG Mobile.

Predict the next safe zones in PUBG Mobile

1. Keep at eye out for airdrops

Even if you aren’t the sort of player who likes to rush towards drops, it has been seen that safe zones follow the location of airdrops, and that the latest ones fall towards the center of the next zone.

Another thing to be mindful of is when to loot these airdrops. It is strategically a good idea to go for air loots at the beginning of the game, when everyone is still settling in and busy acquiring guns. As the game progresses, more and more players look for better equipment and move towards air drops.

Often, you will end up meeting a couple of teams at the air drop location, or could even become the target of a sniper who is keeping an eye on the drop, often for his teammates. Therefore, being careful about air drops and treating them as general indicators of where the next safe zone would be, is highly recommended in PUBG Mobile.

2. General awareness

Another tactic that might work is to stay within the zone itself, and move towards the direction of smaller units like houses. For example, in the picture below, the current safe zone is in Pochinki. The next few zones could be the first, second or third circles within the safe zone, since that is where the smaller units/spaces are concentrated. However, this trick is not very dependable, and must be used along with the above one to have a better sense of your next move in PUBG Mobile.

3. Land

The one common observation is that the circle seldom ends up near or in water bodies. Hence, it is recommended that you stay in the center of the landmass, and have a vehicle with you just in case the next circle spawns completely randomly, something that does happen every once in a while in PUBG Mobile.

4. Movement

As it is almost impossible to predict the exact area in which the next zone will crop up, camping is discouraged, especially during the middle stages of the game. This is when the circle starts to act dynamically. Players are better off moving around and towards the direction that they think the next zone will show up at.

Vehicles can be life-savers when you are trapped far from the zone, or if the circle spawns randomly. Regardless, the above tips must be used together in order to come up with effective prediction regarding the safe zone in PUBG Mobile.

While there is no guaranty of them working out all the time, do remember that all players on the map will be taken by surprise just like you are, in the case such a situation arises. All in all, a calm and aware approach is recommended in PUBG Mobile.

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